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Hints and tips

Here are a few top tips to help your move go smoothly. Why not also download our moving checklists to make sure you don't forget anything » (requires Acrobat Reader)

Make up a list to help you to record what's in each box or container.
Devise your own system, but keep it simple and ensure that it will allow you to easily identify where everything is packed. For example, you could use numbered labels and cross refer these to a list or notebook. In other words, you could have a box numbered "6" and a reference to this in your notebook listing the contents of box number "6".
Don't over-fill!
Please ensure that you do not overfill your boxes and cartons, remember that they have to be lifted. Your furniture removal men are fully trained but they are not supermen. Also, boxes that are overfilled may break under the strain
Don't under-fill!
This may seem stupid after the previous tip but partially filled boxes may collapse if heavy items are placed on top of them. Try to distribute your things evenly in the available boxes.
Ensure that you have sufficient packing material
It is essential that you have plenty of paper, bubble wrap, cartons and containers. You will also need lots of string and adhesive tape
Pack ahead
Start packing two or three weeks in advance. Keep only essential items aside until the last day or two.
Don't pack important documents
Remember to keep important documents aside. This will obviously include any documents related to the house sale and your removal.
Food should be removed from cupboards and packed before the move. Ensure that all caps and screw fittings on jars and bottles are secured.
Fridge and freezer
Remember to defrost your fridge and freezer no later than the day before your move. Ideally you should run the contents of these down over the last couple of weeks before you go.
Kitchen appliances such as fridges, freezers or washing machines that contain water should be drained and allowed to dry before removal.
Elevator and parking
If you need to use an elevator or if parking spaces are a problem ensure that you get these organised beforehand.
Flat-pack (self assembly) furniture
Self assembly furniture does not usually move well. It is better if you can make arrangements to have this dismantled before your move. You should also arrange for someone to reassemble it at your new home.
We cannot properly carry out your home move without good access to your premises. Please ensure that you have spoken to your neighbours and, where necessary, arranged to leave parking places clear. Also, all walkways, pathways, stairs and passages should be clear of any obstruction to allow us free movement to your property.

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